ISSN Print: 2072-9812

ISSN Online: 2409-8906

ISO: 26324:2012

International Conference «Geometry and topology in Odessa - 2016» 2 – 8 June, 2016
The organizing committee invites you to participate in the International Conference "Geometry and topology in Odessa - 2016".
    The following are sections of the Conference:
  1. Algebraic methods in geometry;
  2. The differential geometry in general;
  3. The geometry and topology of differentiable manifolds;
  4. The general and algebraic topology;
  5. Geometric and topological methods in natural sciences;
  6. The history and methodology of teaching in mathematics;
  7. Geometric problems in mathematical analysis.
  • The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
  • Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies, Ukraine
  • The Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • Moscow M.V. Lomonosov State University, Russia
  • Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia
  • Tver State University, Russia
  • Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University, Ukraine
  • The International Geometry Center
  • The Fund «Science» (Odessa)
Chairmans: Prishlyak A. (Ukraine), Shelekhov A. (Russia)
Balan V. (Romania) Kuzakon V. (Ukraine) Pastur L. (Ukraine)
Banah T. (Ukraine) Maksimenko S. (Ukraine) Pokas S. (Ukraine)
Gandel Yu. (Ukraine) Marchenko V. (Ukraine) Rahula M. (Estonia)
Gershberg L. (Israel) Matsumoto K. (Japan) Sabitov I. (Russia)
Glushkov A. (Ukraine) Mashkov O. (Ukraine) Savchenko A. (Ukraine)
Zarichnyi M. (Ukraine) Mikityuk I. (Ukraine) Strikha M. (Ukraine)
Zelinskiy Y. (Ukraine) Milka A. (Ukraine) Fedchenko Yu. (Ukraine)
Kirichenko V. (Russia) Mikes J. (CzechRepublic) Fomenko A. (Russia)
Kirillov V. (Ukraine) Mormul P. (Poland) Fomenko V. (Russia)
Kiosak V. (Ukraine) Moskalyuk S. (Austria) Khruslov E. (Ukraine)
Konovenko N. (Ukraine) Panzhenskiy V. (Russia) Shurygin V. (Russia)

Organizing-Administrative Committee:

B. Egorov - chairman, rector ONAFT

L. Kaprel´ants - deputy chairman ONAFT , vice-rector of scientific research and international relations

S. Fedosov - head of the international department ONAFT

V. Volkov - Director P.M. Platonova ESIMACS

A. Sergeeva - head of the chair of physics

The Organizing Committee:

Konovenko N. – Chairman of the Organizing Committee (,

FedchenkoYu. – Deputy Chairman (,

Moiseenok A. - web-administrator (,

Vityuk A. Zadorozhnyi V., Ivanusa B., Kuzakon G., Nuzhnaya N., Osadchuk E., Prokip V., Khudenko N., Chepurnaya E., Cherevko E.

The Conference languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian.

Requirements for abstracts

Abstracts must be made in the format of TeX (LaTeX 2ε). The abstract should not exceed 1 A4 page with the following parameters:

\documentclass [11pt, twoside]{article}











With abstracts, please keep to the sample. Just replace the text in it by an example of yours. Inserting pictures in the abstract is not allowed. The organizing committee informs that the theses size of which exceeds one page, as well as abstracts, that are not prepared according to the specified requirements, will not be accepted.

Terms of representation of materials:

The deadline is the 15 of May, 2016. All works will be reviewed. The decision to publish the abstracts of the participants will be taken by the scientific committee. Abstracts should be sent to the following address: E-mail:

Plenary (35 minutes) and section (20 minutes) presentations are planned.


The registration of the participants will be held at the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (Odessa, Kanatnayast., 112) 2 June, 2016.

The guided tour of the city Odessa, as well as a visit to the sparkling wine factory with the wine-sampling and a dinner are planned.

The Organizing Committee allows to publish the theses of correspondence participants, subject to the payment of registration fee. The participation in the conference does not involve compulsory performances. The scientific committee which takes into account your wishes attends to the selection of the abstracts. The organizing committee requests to inform them of your intention to participate in the conference (internal, external) at: